A Search for New SUSD Superintendent

Edward Rosario Arriaga, Reporter

Selma Unified School District’s Superintendent Dr. Fisher has announced her retirement after serving in the position for the past five years. Beginning on December 03, 2020 Dr. Marilyn Shepherd has been appointed as Interim Superintendent of Selma Unified School District. Dr. Shepherd is from the consulting firm of McPherson & Jacobsen and is tasked with providing an effortless transitional period during these unprecedented times. 

This news has now prompted a search for a new superintendent to lead our school district to assist in ensuring the education of all students within the Selma district. Selma Unified Board of trustees has turned to Juan Garza of Leadership Associates, an executive search firm, to help assist in the recruitment and selection of Selma Unified’s next leader. The new superintendent would be tasked in putting the needs of students first in all aspects of academics, sports, arts, and all other leadership and extracurricular activities. 

The district plans to officially install the new superintendent in April-July of 2021 after a rigorous interview process, board confirmation, and community input. Parents, students, and community members are all welcomed to keep up to date on the search for a new superintendent and can find various resources such as an official timeline, job description, and community outreach information on the Selma Unified School District website.