Saving Valentine’s Day


A collection of Valentine’s Day goodies. Photo contributed by Victoria Quintana

Victoria Quintana, Kaleidoscope Editor

A typical Valentine’s Day at Selma High is filled to the brim with gifts given to friends, lots of chocolate, and that one girl who hauls around the HUGE teddy bear her boyfriend gave her. Due to distance learning, however, students won’t be able to have that same experience this year.

“[It] kind of makes me sad because bringing my friends little gifts was always a fun thing to do,” expressed freshman Adaline Barros. “I will definitely miss seeing everyone’s face light up when they get handed the gifts. No matter who it was from, everyone was just always happy when they got something.”

Some students won’t celebrate like other years not only because they won’t be around their friends but also because many restaurants and places, like movie theaters, are closed.

“It sucks because it’s harder to do anything [because] so many places are not open yet,” stated junior Annie Madrigal.

February 14th is usually celebrated with presents from loved ones, but what is Valentine’s Day worth if all of the gifts aren’t there? It’s a known fact that Valentine’s Day is going to look different this year due to current circumstances, but Selma High students haven’t lost sight of the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day to me is a day/opportunity to spend time with the people we love,” shared Barros.

“A day that is full of love and affection,” added Madrigal.

It’s discouraging that this year’s celebration will look a little different because Selma High is not in session. However, students won’t let the virus rob them of the joy of expressing their love for others. Of course it’s appreciated and exciting to exchange gifts at school, but the gifts are just a representation of our love for others.

“I’m not missing out on much as long as my boyfriend is with me on Valentine’s Day,” says Madrigal.

As long as SHS students are (safely) surrounded by the ones they love, Valentine’s Day is not lost.