SUSD Plans for Mindful Reopening

Kimberly Arroyo, Reporter

As of March 13, 2020 Selma Unified School District closed due to COVID-19, since then classes have continued through distance learning. The district plans to reopen on January 11, 2021, however schools in Fresno County may not reopen due to the county’s status on the monitoring metrics.  Fresno County must remain off the state’s monitoring list for at least 14 consecutive days to resume on campus classes. 

Selma Unified is working hard to keep the students and staff safe upon reopening and are taking  various precautionary measures to do so. The option of continuing distanced learning will still be available to all students at all times, even upon reopening. 

Students and staff will be required to have health screenings daily. Student’s health screenings consist of surveys filled out by parents about symptoms, taking temperature with a no- touch thermometer, and will be monitored for symptoms by the staff. 

The staff will also have to complete daily surveys about symptoms. These surveys will be under close review by Human Resources personnel. 

All students and staff on campus must use face coverings while on campus, but will be allowed to take them off in certain circumstances, like when eating or participating in outdoor recreational activities. Staff and students will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently and will practice social distancing throughout the school sites.

The school district’s priority is keeping students and staff safe.  While doing so, an emergency reclosure may be needed, if this occurs  the district will do their best to notify parents prior to doing so.