Time Flies


Jashandeep Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

When people say time flies fast in high school, they really mean it! As a senior, I feel like I was just a freshman yesterday, terrified to enter high school with all the other upperclassmen. Luckily, I had older cousins with me at school to help me through this. 

I always had this fear that “I would get dumped in the trash can by a senior.” Now that I think about it, I am embarrassed that I actually thought about that happening to me. 

I never thought that these four years would just fly by. I always thought people exaggerated that term. Once you’re involved in extracurriculars and have AP classes, everything just goes by. There’s hardly anytime for anything. It is very important to be involved because making memories with your friends is so worth it and it’s something you can take with you to college. 

Being a senior in high school has its pros and cons. The pros are that we’re going to be looking at colleges and deciding where we are going to start our next chapter after high school. The cons come with this package…it’s stressful and nerve wracking. 

This is our last year at a high school and I hate to say it but “we’re growing up.” We’re going to be in college next year and be young adults. 

The Coronavirus was a big thing that happened to us seniors. Our senior year basically got cancelled. The second to last semester of our senior year was online and most likely, the last semester will be too. We were all excited for the dances, Friday night lights, and etc. All we think about is when the Coronavirus is going to leave us alone and let us have a senior year. This made me realize that we sometimes all take things for granted. We should be able to live our life to the fullest because who would have thought that we’d be in a pandemic. 

One piece of advice I can give to future seniors is you should do everything you can because you never know what’s going to happen in the future and have tons of fun with your friends and most importantly, BE INVOLVED.