Healthy Habits to Help You Take On the World


Pamela takes a walk. Contributed by Pamela Hernandez.

Pamela Hernandez, Reporter

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic beginning in March, there has been an increased popularity in working out due to being quarantined at home. On a social media platform that is very popular in this generation called “TikTok,” younger individuals are often given ideas along with workouts and meals to stay in shape while at home. 

As for me, I have taken advantage of quarantine and have begun to work out and start small keto diets along the way. By dieting and exercising I get an everyday boost of confidence that also allows me to be comfortable with my body in order to gain self-love.

To begin my workout and warm up my body, I start with a 2 mile run. When I am finished, I start ab workouts while watching Chloe Ting, a famous Youtuber known for her “2 week burn abs plan.” Below I will share some tips that have been helping me consistently.

Tip 1: Stay consistent! By staying consistent you keep yourself motivated and ready to take on the world!

Tip 2: Cutting out junk food and switching to healthier foods, because eating healthy helps build muscles.

Tip 3: Stay on an organized track and make sure you’re keeping track of your routines.

Tip 4: Keep an exercise spot for yourself wherever you are comfortable to do workouts.

Tip 5: Always love yourself unconditionally no matter who you are, because at the end of the day you are your own person and can be whoever you want to be.