Maliyah Cerda takes a Spike at 2020


Marissa (below) and Maliyah Cerda pose for a photo.

Diana Garza, Co-Editor in Chief/Webmaster/Co-Sports Editor

Senior Maliyah Cerda is one of Selma High’s most dedicated athletes. Not even 2020—an interesting year at best—has dampened her spirits. The varsity volleyball team member has been playing volleyball since the seventh grade. This year marks her fourth season with Selma High.

As fall sports have been postponed until further notice, it has been a difficult time for Selma High’s athletes. 

“We haven’t had one game, not even a scrimmage,” Cerda communicated. 

Practice has also been limited, occurring less often then desired, due to safety concerns. Had her senior year been a normal one, Cerda would have been on the court everyday to practice with her team. 

“Covid has affected my team greatly,” Maliyah admitted. “We’ve probably only had a total of 20 practices in the last three months.”

The fact that the volleyball team hasn’t played another team, also creates some annoyance. 

“It’s hard to only get better as a team by just practicing,” Cerda said.

Meeting your opponents on the court provides experience that practice drills don’t. 

Despite these setbacks, Maliyah Cerda has tried her best to make the best out of this year. 

“I try to workout in my garage at least 3 times a week, or maybe go on a run. I also used to go on bike rides almost everyday,” explained Cerda. 

As the year goes on and this pandemic’s affects stretch out, students have to find positivity somewhere. 

“I try not to dwell on all the things that are getting ruined.” advised Cerda. “I try to hangout with friends whenever possible and keep my mind off of it.”

Since the recent increase in Covid cases, fall sports have hit another roadblock, many postponing practices until after thanksgiving break. If all the ugly can straighten out soon enough, then the varsity volleyball team will play their first game on December 29th. Maliyah Cerda and her team are optimistic for a better ending to this year.