Presidential Election: The Turmoil That Follows

Isabella Porras, Reporter

On November 7th, 4 days after election day, the Associated Press called the Presidential election to an end by announcing Joe Biden as the 46th president-elect. Biden won the election and beat President Trump after winning Pennsylvania and gaining the 20 electoral votes needed to surpass the 270 needed to secure the presidency.

This Presidential election was a historic one, setting the record for the most voter turnout with over 65 percent of people who were eligible to vote heading to the polls. Voter demographics for each of the candidates fell suit for how it was throughout their respective campaigns. For Trump, small towns, and white adults aged over forty were his target supporters. Biden on the other hand, had a variety of votes, most coming from in and around cities, leading him to win key counties in states such as Arizona and Georgia. 

Youth vote in swing-state Georgia was largely spearheaded by voter activists who were doing mass registrations in Atlanta. Because of the push for voters and high encouragement among peers to be civically engaged, it showed a larger democratic turnout in cities among minorities. 

Immediately following the announcement of the presidency, Trump exclaimed on twitter that there was fraudulent voting behavior, and that he had in fact won the

He has had a history of speculating voter fraud in the past. In 2012 he tweeted that there were reports of voter machines switching votes, which has since been debunked.

This has sparked protests and counter-protests in many major U.S. cities including Seattle, Portland, and Atlanta, with large numbers of people gathering at polling stations demanding a recount of votes. 

Trump has announced that while ballots are counted again in some places, he will not formally concede. He has also made attempts to contest the result in federal court and the courts of key states, all of which have been met with defeats or dead-ends. Research has found no evidence of widespread fraud, and National Public Radio reports that “An appeals court in Pennsylvania rejected an objection by Trump’s lawyers to practices involving mailed ballots; a Michigan judge threw out claims made by the campaign as incorrect and not credible.” 

In Joe Biden’s victory speech he addressed Trump’s supporters and other Republicans with this message: 

“For all those of you who voted for President Trump, I understand the disappointment tonight. I’ve lost a couple of times myself. But now, let’s give each other a chance.

It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, see each other again. Listen to each other again” 

Biden gave his speech on the true diversity of America, and commended Kamala Harris in her speech as the first Black woman, and first woman of South Asian descent to serve as Vice-President.

He has also made strides in beginning his “final fight” on COVID-19, establishing a team of doctors and scientists to advise him in his next steps. In regards to Trump’s refusal to formally concede, he advised that the country stay calm and patient until his inauguration.