Spookiest Day of the Year: Altered Edition

Pamela Hernandez, Reporter

Halloween is a holiday that is reserved on October 31st and is also referred to “All Saints Day”. On this frightful holiday, children and adults dress up as anything they set their minds to. Halloween is the one day of the year that everyone can go out with friends and family to “Trick or Treat.” 

However, as this year’s COVID-19 pandemic takes off, it has changed the way people would normally celebrate Halloween. Since the start of Covid-19 people have been unable to get together in large groups for celebrations, parties, and gatherings, due to the state of the pandemic.So, considering that Halloween is a holiday when families and friends get together to party and enjoy the night,  the California Department of public health has recommended citizens to host virtual gatherings with family and friends instead of going out together in large groups. They also recommended a virtual pumpkin carving contest since trick or treating would be difficult with a social distance of 6 feet. 

Considering this altered way to celebrate Halloween, selma high students have decided to keep in the spirit and enjoy the holiday safely. 

Kayla Diaz, a sophomore at selma high has exciting plans for Halloween. 

“My plans for halloween are to hang out with a friend and watch scary movies,” states sophomore Kayla Diaz. 

While some plan to watch scary movies and make festive cookies on Halloween, others have slightly different plans for halloween. 

Senior Ashneet Gill plans to celebrate Halloween with her family.

 “I’m going to a family get together and celebrate my cousin’s birthday,which is also on halloween,” she stated. “I’m dressing up as the characters from a money heist with my other cousins.” 

Similarily, some teachers at Selma High are planning to enjoy the night with their loved ones. 

“I’ll probably hang out with my girlfriend and hand out candy to the kids in my neighborhood,” said Lonny Johnson, a social studies teacher.

Though this year’s worldwide pandemic calls for altered Halloween plans, a plethora of students and staff at Selma High are confident that this can still be the best and safest Halloween yet!