Selma High’s Star Hitter, Marissa Cerda

Jashandeep Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

Marissa Cerda has been an all-around player in sports. She plays volleyball and softball. Since both of these sports are during different seasons, she plays volleyball during the fall. Marissa has been playing volleyball since fifth grade and she has always loved it. She continued to play in middle school and high school, as this is her last year playing as a senior. She hopes to make as many memories as possible during her last year as a volleyball player!

“It’s so fun to build a relationship with my teammates and compete against other teams,” said Cerda. 

She explains that she is a very competitive player, with her goal being to always walk on the court and take home the victory. She states that she is driven by the adrenaline and thrill you get when you win a game.  

Marissa has mostly had the same position in volleyball. During her freshman year, she played the middle position, but then moved to outside hitter and has stayed in the same position since then. 

Marissa says that her coaches have influenced her in many ways. 

“They’ve influenced me to become a better player not only for myself,” says Marissa, “but for the team.” 

From being an athlete her whole life, Marissa has learned many things. She starts off saying that winning and losing goes hand in hand, though when you’re young, losing a game is very miserable compared to when you’re older. Some of the skills she has gained are how to be disciplined, learning to work hard, and most importantly resilience. 

Coronavirus has overall impacted all sports players around the world, but Cerda is trying to make the best of the situation. Marissa hopes to have her team come together and make the best of everything that has happened in the past few months. 

“I want to have fun with my teammates and win and make it far,” said Cerda.

 Marissa has some goals set for after high school. She unfortunately will not play volleyball after college because she is going to play softball. She has had many great years playing volleyball, and will always continue to remember the wonderful moments she had with her teammates.