Selma Leo’s Club Helps a Cause


Liliana Garcia

With the current pandemic, many people worldwide have had to make accommodations to their everyday life, including clubs and organizations. One of the clubs that has been affected within our own community is the Selma Leo’s Club. Leo’s Club is a youth-oriented group that provides various opportunities of community service and volunteering around the Central Valley. Some of what they do includes volunteering at local food banks, christmas caroling with senior citizens, helping with the senior center thanksgiving dinner, and the list goes on. Although, this year things are a bit different. 

Unfortunately, many of the events that the club had planned could no longer be met due to the pandemic. While taking into consideration the mandatory restrictions revolving COVID-19, the Leo’s Club contemplated on what they could do to still contribute to the community. In the end, they decided to host a blood drive open to the city, as the valley is currently suffering from a blood shortage. 

On October 10th, the blood drive took place at Lincoln Park in Selma, with the help of the Central California Blood Center. The numerous volunteers worked hard to collect the donors blood while maintaining a fun and safe atmosphere. The donors were also met with some complimentary ice cream and beverages after their blood withdrawal. 

Throughout the afternoon, people continued to come out and donate, and eventually there were a total of 40 donors and 32 units of blood donated. Twenty-three of those forty donors were also first time donors. This came as a shock to many, including Club Advisor Bev Cho.  

“I was not expecting as many donors as we had to show up today,” stated Cho. “ It was nice to see people come out and help contribute to the blood drive”.

At last, the blood drive was a great success and experience for everyone who attended. Though things have taken an unexpected turn this year, the Leo’s Club continues to work hard and do everything possible to serve the community.