Fitness Tips!

Adriana Rubio, Reporter

If you’ve stumbled upon this read in hopes to find motivation to start a healthier lifestyle, strength and fitness tips, or an addition to your list of things you say you’ll eventually do but never will- you’ve come to the right place. The list collated below is a catalog of the best fitness advice compiled from different sources of athletes ranging from weight-lifters, to cheer leaders, to daily walkers. 


  1. Finding a Motivation. 

Finding a reason to start is one thing, actually sticking with your goal is another! Have a reason and let it be your drive. 

  1. Learning What’s Best for you. 

Little did you know- fitness isn’t all just heavy weights and sweat. It’s about doing research and learning about what you want to gain for yourself! Exploration sets the framework for your goals. Everyone has different targets. 

  1. Observing your Lifestyle.

In other words: this tip is about watching what you usually eat and things you typically do that may be slowing your progress. This DOES NOT mean to completely alter the way you live, but rather being aware of your daily routines. 

  1. Caring for your Body. 

Once you get into the swing of things, your mindset may tell you that the only way to gain is to work. This is NOT true! Resting your body and hydration is key to achieve the best results and a healthier life. 

  1. Staying Consistent. 

If there’s one thing that most exercisers responded with, it’s this tip. Staying consistent is heavier than any weight you’ll pick up. Remember to remind yourself of your goals!

  1. Challenging Yourself, but Having Fun While Doing so!

Don’t be afraid to push yourself and reach for higher limits! This, as well as having fun, go hand in hand because both result in fitness excellence and overall happiness.