Edwin Martinez: A Water Polo Connoisseur

Simran Dadra, Reporter

When thinking of a fast paced and intense sport, most people’s minds will immediately gravitate to classic American football, however anyone who has ever played water polo would assure you that water polo is just as intense and action packed. 

Don’t believe it? Just ask Selma High senior, Edwin Martinez, a member of the boys’ water polo team.

Martinez has been a part of the water polo team for two years. This is his second and final year. Although he believes his journey in water polo has been short, he definitely feels that it’s been a fun experience. 

“The thing I like most about water polo is that it pushes you to limits that you never thought you could reach,” explained Martinez.

“When I first started I didn’t think I would make it through one practice but now I have the strength and endurance to compete against others,” he reflected.

Even with all the hard work and discipline water polo requires, Martinez has demonstrated that water polo can be rewarding and satisfying.

“One of my favorite memories from water polo is making my first goal during our 3rd game of the season,” he reminisced. “That was a special day because it proved to me that I’m getting better every day and becoming more of a competitor,” Martinez added.

Martinez is even working on self-improvement for his future games.

“My personal goal this year is to at least make ten goals which is beating the goals I made last year,”informed Martinez.

Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down the fall sport’s season.

Water polo is no exception. Due to the pandemic, water polo practices have been altered and have started much later as compared to previous years.

Additionally, concern from family members regarding safety has cropped up as well.

“My parents didn’t want me to come to practice for the first week since I was in a crowded place and were hesitant to let me play at all,” explained Martinez. 

Although Covid-19 has hindered the regular season, Martinez is still hopeful that his final season of water polo will be his best yet.

“I look forward to playing at all games and tournaments as well as finishing my last year making memories with my friends during the season,” he added.