Keeping Up With Lady Bears’ Tennis

Julianna Colado, Co-Sports Editor

As we all know, COVID-19 has placed the everyday lives of so many student-athletes on hold. Though the lives of student athletes are usually super chaotic and busy, this pandemic has completely flipped the day-to-day routines of the girls tennis team around. With practices being postponed to December and official season matches taking place in January, Selma High’s Girls Tennis has kept a positive and motivated mindset though this tough time. 

CIF released the hopeful schedule of fall sports during late June, stating that all season sports would be pushed back to January, practices starting in December. Unfortunately, this has been a huge change for the SHS fall athletes Lady Bears tennis. 

Senior Co-Captain Dashrit Pandher has been trying to stay in shape and motivated from home to hopefully return well prepared for the season. 

“I’ve been trying to workout semi regularly but to be honest, with all of my AP classes it’s been a bit hard,” says Pandher. “I’ll also take my dog on a walk or go hit with some of my teammates. I’ve been pretty busy in itself just because of the workload my teachers have been assigning, but in my spare moments I try to stay somewhat active,” explained Pandher. 

Senior Co-Captain Chloe Mendoza also shared her insight on this year’s season. 

“To keep busy while we aren’t practicing, I’ve been working out from home and going out to hit with my doubles partner during days when I have spare time,” said Mendoza. “But school has been pretty time-consuming even during distance learning,” she added. 

Although so much has been affected in the schedules of the Lady Bears their goals remain present and just as clear. 

“Before COVID, I was hoping to finish my senior year as MVP, and win League,”says Pandher confidently. I was also hoping to win a tournament again this year with Chloe Mendoza as my doubles partner. Since our season has been pushed back, I’m still hoping to be MVP, but winning League I know will be 10 times harder considering a lot of our competition is currently practicing while we are not. But, that’s not going to stop us from playing to win.” 

“As for goals, I hope that next season we maintain the technique consistency that we’ve been working hard to achieve. I also really hope to create good team chemistry and hopefully make it to the playoffs,” explained Mendoza. 

Junior Suzie Correa also mentioned her goals regarding her junior season on the team. 

“My goal is to try to make this an enjoyable season for myself and my teammates whose last year this will be and set a foundation for all new team members,” explained Correa. 

Coach Cortina has also set some goals for the upcoming season through this pandemic. 

“I was thinking it would be beneficial to hold small group clinics, but only when it is safe to do so. The students come first in my book,” stated Cortina. “I do wish I could go back with the team, but I believe this’ll all pass over soon and we’ll be able to go back to the courts,” he added.

Although so much is unknown during this time, Selma High Girls Tennis has shown their positive outlook on this pandemic, using it to make them even more motivated and well-prepared to return to their home on the courts this winter.