Senior Sunrise Shines the Spotlight on SHS’s Seniors


SHS seniors gather at Reedley Beach to participate in the virtual senior sunrise. Photo contributed by Pamela Hernandez

Julianna Colado, Co-Sports Editor

Although this school year is unexpected and new to all of us, the SHS staff is doing the most they can to provide a high-spirited year for its seniors.

This year’s circumstances, caused by the current pandemic, have had an effect on the traditional senior year experience. However, Leadership and Staff planned to host a Virtual Senior Sunrise that will take place on September 14th at 6am through Zoom. 

The Senior Sunrise took place through Zoom, and was hosted by Mrs. Rodela, Ms. Loving, and SHS Senior class officers, as they will be taking charge of the event and activities that follow. 

Mrs. Rodela prepared for this event to provide the best view of the sunrise as it was through video. 

“We plan on having the camera set on a tripod aimed at the sky to capture the sun rising on our Selma High School campus,” explained Rodela. 

Rodela also explained that there would also be a countdown prior to the day of the event to keep seniors motivated and excited to attend.

Senior Class President Ashneet Gill put forth her time and effort to assure this event would be one for the books. 

“This year has been hard, but our class motto states ‘strength comes from struggle,’ so we have to keep a positive outlook on this year and make the most out of our last year at Selma High! Go Bears,” stated Gill.

The Senior Sunrise event was followed by activities and competitions, such as whoever is wearing the most spirit gear, whoever can get a spoon the quickest, and more.

“The Senior Class officers are collecting gift cards from teachers and staff that will be given out as prizes while they are on Zoom taking art in the virtual senior sunrise,” explained Rodela. 

Through this year’s difficult circumstances, SHS Leadership and Staff were able to host a motivational Senior Sunrise for this year’s seniors as the typical senior year experience has been put on hold. 

The Senior Sunrise was able to bring together friends through social distancing practices is a reminder to all that there is still so much to be grateful and motivated for even through this pandemic. 

“We are all doing all that we can possibly do right now during these times,” stated Rodela.  “We can definitely look forward to coming together and celebrating the senior year with many more events and activities as we hopefully return to school.”