Volleyball Update

Sakshi Palav, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor/Co-Sport's Editor

As COVID-19 continues to grow and become beyond controllable in California, schools have had to switch their whole curriculum to online for public safety. Because of this, many sports have not only been pushed back, regarding their season, but also revolving practice and their training months. For the Selma High Girls volleyball team, both their season and their conditioning has been pushed back. 

Volleyball, for the girls, usually starts around mid summer. Mid-July is when they start conditioning, and practicing for their season usually starts late August or early September. However, because of the number of COVID cases in the Valley, the girls’ season has been pushed back to late December. This is because Selma Unified is working on plans to try to reopen for their spring semester. 

Even though the girls aren’t able to practice in the gym like always, several of them are conditioning and working out at home to stay fit. 

Maliyah Cerda, a senior varsity player, explains how she’s trying her best to keep her conditioning up even without practice. 

“Personally, I try to workout at least three times a week to stay fit,” Cerda explained.
Cerda has been playing volleyball since 7th grade, so she stays motivated by remembering the memories and friends she’s made through the sport.

The girls are also trying to stay positive and motivated because they have a plethora of goals to achieve once the season comes around. As they have a new coach this year, Coach Salazar, one of their bigger and main goals is to win two or more league games. This would ensure their road to making it to the playoffs this season. 

“[We] just want to keep it as normal as possible,” expressed Hailey Garza when asked about how they’re adapting to the new circumstances. 

Garza is a junior on the team, and she explained how volleyball is usually one of the first sports to come around during school, so it’s difficult waiting for December to roll around. However, she also spoke about how the team is trying their best to stay motivated and keep their goals in site even with practice cancelled. 

Selma High’s girls volleyball team has a plethora of goals to reach this year. Even though they’re having to condition individually due to pandemic circumstances, they’re still keeping their team plans for playoffs and a successful season in mind.