Staley Stadium: “A Jewel of the Community”


Photo by James Jensen

James Jensen, Reporter

Since the spring of 2019, the community has been anxiously anticipating the new stadium. Well it’s finally here. In February of 2020, construction finished with some minor landscaping adjustments still being made.

The new stadium has an increased seating capacity from 4500 to 5000 seats. There are also new areas for special events on the south end of the stadium. On the north end of the stadium is a raised concourse with seating right in front of the snack bar. This area is great for the people who want to hang out but do not like how loud the stands are. 

Selma High’s sports teams are a way for the students to bond and be involved in school activities. The school stadium was a major factor in this. So, not having it for a whole year was a great deal of stress and chaos for the high school. However, now there’s a whole new stadium decorated with the schools colors, orange and black, and it is the perfect way to come back together. well, once Covid-19 isn’t a threat anymore.

“The stadium truly is the jewel of the community,” said Mr. Esraelian, SHS Athletic Director.

Not only will this stadium be a great new place for the selma community to come together, it will also benefit Selma high’s PE and athletic teams. With three roll up garage doors, the new weight room is able to be used both inside and outside. It is equipped with a cable and free weights. By having the large openings, the weight room doesn’t get as hot or musty inside.

“The all weather track feels completely better when running on,” said senior Navanni Rizo.

The stadium is now equipped with the best playing surface in the market. The track is finished with an all weather surface that gives runners more traction and control while running. The new long jump and triple jump areas are both in the north endzone. The stadium is now better set up for athletes that compete in multiple events. 

The first athletic events to take place in Selma High’s new stadium are set to start in late December and early January.

The new intricate snack bar is equipped with brand new equipment, such as a new ice machine and tables that were donated by the Montijo family. Along with the new snack bar, the new bathrooms are also renovated . Anyone who has been to the restroom in the old Staley stadium knows these are massive upgrades.

Selma’s community has already had an opportunity to use the stadium. The track has been opened to the public since mid  June of 2020. The track is open from 7am to 8pm, Monday through Friday. 

SHS encourages students and others who use the track to maintain social distancing while exercising and to take breaks often with the extremely unhealthy air right now. It is vital that we all make it through this pandemic so stay safe, wear your masks, and enjoy the new Staley Stadium.