Netflix Suggestions for a Pandemic


Sakshi Palav, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor/Co-Sport's Editor

During these quarantine times, there’s not much to do other than sitting on my phone, eating, sleeping, and occasionally doing homework. So, Netflix has been one of my best friends these past few months. Here are some of my favorite movies and shows recommendations. 


Favorite Movies: 

-Candy Jar 

-Set It Up

-Despicable Me

-Nacho Libre

-Death At A Funeral 

-The Help 



Favorite Shows: 

-The Office

-Parks And Rec 

-How To Get Away With Murder

-The Society 

-The Game


-The Flash 

-Once Upon A Time 

-Dead To Me

-Hasan Minhaj: Patriot Act 

-Young And Hungry 

-H2O: Just Add Water 

-Stranger Things 



-Avatar: The Last Air Bender 


-Sam And Kat

-Scooby Doo

-Tinker Bell: The Never Beast

-Princess And The Frog  

-The Bee Movie 


-The Lorax 



Watch With Little Siblings: 

-Baby Sitters Club 

-Legend Of Korra

-Sister Sister 

-Liv And Maddie 


-Radio Rebel 

-No Good Nick 

-Locke And Key 

-Alexa And Katie 





-Blue Exorcist 

-Hunter X Hunter