How To Make Friends On Zoom

Yasmine Awad, Reporter

Coming back from quarantine since COVID-19 to a new school year has been a new and unique experience for many. As starting off this new school year online, many people are having to adjust their lifestyle of being at school physically to being online. This means having to get used to putting your face on either Zoom or Google Meets and talking through a microphone. An issue that students have been having is talking in breakout rooms and making new friends. 

So, how does one possibly make friends in a breakout room? Well, for starters turning on the camera on either your phone, laptop, or tablet would help. As being able to see classmates through a screen is a reassuring feeling rather than looking at a black screen. Not being able to see one’s facial expressions as you talk to them causes a barrier. 

Another way to make friends on Zoom is being the one to start the conversation. Starting a little conversation will help get others comfortable with one another. The more communication, the better chance a friendship can sprout. So, try to be the first person to start talking. This will make it easier for everyone else in the breakout room to talk. 

A way to make others comfortable is by bringing positive emotions. Simple gestures such as smiling and laughing could help brighten up the mood and make others feel comfortable enough around you. Usually, smiling and laughing with someone shows a key to friendship. 

Making friends on Zoom is easier than one may think. Friends on Zoom can be made just by talking, smiling, laughing, and being yourself.