Softball Slides Into the Season


Genna Martinez winds up to hit the ball.

Diana Garza, Co-Editor in Chief/Webmaster/Co-Sports Editor

Softball season has begun, and with that comes the competitive, hard-working girls who bleed orange and black. 

 As of the  2020 season, the Selma High softball program has become a Division 2 sport.  The team is working hard to hold their ground as well as leave their mark in this new territory. 

At this point in the season the team has played Reedly, Madera, and Fresno High, followed by a tournament at Buchannan on March 2nd.  The girls currently stand with a record of 2-1-0 in the overall season and are aiming to be Valley champions. Many aspects of the team have changed for the better, but overall the girls are really working together to make this season a memorable one. 

“We have a variety of talented girls,” said junior Genna Martinez, “so now we can actually do a lot more as a team.” Martinez has been playing softball since she was only 5 years old, developing a love for the game. 

The stakes have also risen with the program’s new status, adding excitement for the teams performance. 

“This season we’re now a D2 program. That being the case, we’re all pushing ourselves to defend Selma’s reputation,” commented sophomore Marytza Morales.  

“We have a very experienced team,” added varsity softball coach Chris Tapia. “Most of our team has been around the game since they were very young.” 

Coach Tapia has been coaching at Selma high for eleven years, going into his second one as the head softball coach. 

The season has just taken off, but with a positive outlook for the rest of the year the team is already getting into a positive mindset.  It takes a very determined resilient player to actually take part in the game rather than just go through the motions. 

“Our goal is just to work hard together and actually build our program together,” senior Alyssa Grijalvia explained. “Our strength is our communication. We have actually  been playing together for quite a while, so we have good chemistry and bond.”

“Team chemistry is a huge factor when building a successful team,” Tapia agreed. 

With intense practices, focusing on the individual needs of each player, the team is getting ready for a great season. 

“I play because it’s something I’m passionate about,” Morales said. 

With a team so determined, committed, and wholefully enjoyable of what they do, will bring pride to Selma.

The varsity softball team is putting it all in this season, paving the way to becoming Valley champions.