Golf is On Par for Success

James Jensen, Reporter

The Selma High school golf team started their season on February 27. The match taking place at the Madera Golf Course. Selma competed against Edison High School from Fresno. The team had stated their season in a much better place than they have in past years.

“We had our best opening nine holes score of 228 since I’ve been coaching at Selma High. We usually open in the 275+ range”, said Coach Wolfe 

It is important to note that in golf, success is determined by the lower score, or the fewest number of shots taken on the hole or in the round. So a 228 is a great improvement on the 275+ ranger of past years. This is an average score for all of the team members. Thus, a great achievement for the team. 

Some of their goals have become achievable with the great players they have this year. 

“This season so far has proven to be a good chance at qualifying for finals.” Martinez remarked.

Each week the team travels to Ridge Creek Golf Course in Dinuba. This is about a 20  minute drive from the high school. Their practices are held every Monday through Thursday. 

Hopes are high for the season. The boys team is making efforts to improve on their scores from their  last match. 

Tristan Sifuentes, a junior, played for the first time at the Thursday match. He hopes to use this match to improve for the future. Especially the upcoming league matches.

“I did okay but I definitely could have done better”, Sifuentes stated. “As first year in golf it is important to try as hard as you can.” 

Landon Davis, a sophomore, is a member of the team who has been playing the game since he was 7. He has been a member of the team since his freshman year. In the last match against Edison High he scored a 47. 

Samuel Martinez a senior has been in golf for two years starting in 2019. He did well for the first match of the season scoring a 48. Focusing on improving his swing and aim to consistently two-putt.

“My first match was definitely inspiring for my game and future matches,” said Martinez

The season for the bears is looking good at this point. If the start of their season is any indication for what is to come for them, the school will have something to be proud of. With great talent and new faces joining the team they are bound for success.