Be A Bro Not A Bully

Leadership Bear Bro’s pose together at the Valentine’s Day party. Photo by Christian Garnica

Christian Garnica, Reporter

Selma High School’s campus is a place where every student, administrator, and teacher should feel welcomed and important. Brandi Aguilera and Gopy Kaur both strongly believe in recognizing and involving groups that aren’t always shone in the limelight of SHS’s campus. 

To solve this problem they founded the Bear Bros club, with the help of Mrs. Garcia and her participating class.

“I wanted to start the club in order to get a larger variety of groups and kids more involved and to also make them feel apart of something more,” explained club founder Aguilera.

Bear Bros is a club that allows leadership students to pair up with students from the Special Education classes and make them feel more involved by throwing parties, involving them in rallies, and doing additional fun activities. 

Mrs. Garcia is one of the biggest assets in making the club possible with the help of her ASB leaders and students.

“Bear Bros is a way for students that aren’t usually part of school culture to be apart of it,” explained Mrs. Garcia

This class has a significant way in ensuring that all participants had a perfect match with a potential Bear Bro. When the club was at its beginning, an interview was set up that asked questions which involved the participants personality traits, hobbies, and interests. This allowed the leadership students to have a deeper connection and understanding of their partner. This activity was the first of many to come and the start of many friendships. 

One of the first activities the students took part in was the creation and crafting of cardboard snowmen. During finals week they decorated the campus with each of the snowmen they made before school to surprise the students of Selma High.

This past Valentine’s Day the leadership class celebrated with their Bear Bro’s by exchanging gifts and enjoying a special lunch together in each other’s company. When asked about their favorite activity, most of the kids favored this one the most. 

“The Valentine’s Day party is my favorite because of the food,” said Eduardo Arreola.

This club is essential for students on campus to feel more involved, welcomed, and appreciated. It goes to show the priority amongst Selma High’s campus is the students.