Too Much Is Expected of Us

Gabriel Coronado, Reporter

Nowadays, do the students really have the motivation or passion to look forward to their 

own future?

Ever since the beginning of elementary school, every student is shaped to try to

achieve the highest grades possible. Every step upwards is awarded and when someone performs poorly, that person is made to feel inferior as they are part of the minority. 

Schools have been building students into what they cannot be, the perfect student. It is 

forcing students to try to achieve what is beyond their ability. That isn’t necessarily unneeded as each has to improve in one way or another, but what can’t be done is to make a mold of the model student and expect everyone to fit into it.

As time passes, there are more and more expectations on each individual student if they 

continue to perform at a higher standard. Those expectations keep growing and students have to continuously outperform themselves at every turn. While everyone keeps expecting more, students find themselves wondering: How can I keep improving?

With all of the pressure that constantly surrounds them, there are students

that will begin to wonder if all of the extra effort is really worth it. Is the constant pressure of high standards worth the constant anxiety of trying to improve?

There are many that answer that question with a no. They say that it isn’t worth it as 

those that haven’t put in the effort before are still doing well in life. If they don’t have to put in effort, why should I?

Taking the extra burden of harsher classes is seen as too much and they eventually fall behind as they no longer see the purpose in it all. All of that work that was put in just goes down the drain as they aren’t capable of handling the extra workload.

That may be one outcome to it, but there are students that are willing to persevere. They 

are willing to put themselves out there to get the edge on the rest. They continue in their endeavors not because they want to please others, but rather, they are doing it for themselves. 

It may seem like I’m saying that putting in the extra work isn’t worth it, but it is worth it. I have been

fortunate enough because of the classes that I have taken. I am able to surround myself with those that I enjoy the presence of. It has made me perform at a higher standard that allows me to be more critical of myself. Without the constant pressure of myself, I would not be able to improve myself. 

Each step that I have taken has allowed me to reach farther than I could have, had I not put in the extra effort.