Bears On Campus

Christian Garnica, Reporter


Antony Botros: “I was framed.”

Baylee Darling: “Killing my brother for taking too long in the bathroom.”



Jayden Valdez: “For Jaywalking.”

Brooke Machado: “ I would break into an animal shelter and steal the cats to give them a better home.”


Jeremy Hernandez: “Robbing a bank and buying a blue Lamborghini with the money”

Aracely Guerra: “Definitely murdering someone for taking my food without asking.”



Ubaldo Apolinar: “Giving attitude or talking back to a police officer.”

Tashu Kaur: “Probably sneaking out and being at a party while it gets raided.”



Mr. Norman: “Most likely get caught hacking into Trump’s twitter.”

Mrs. Quintanilla: “ I would probably get arrested for fighting someone in order to protect my kids.”