Bears on Campus

Mia Salinas, Reporter/Layout Editor

“What is the best way to spend Valentine’s Day?”


Makaira Chavez– “The best way to spend Valentine’s day is with someone special.”

Nic Esparza– “Spending the day with someone you love, spoiling them, and showing them all the love possible! 



Kayla Mendoza– “In bed watching Netflix while I cry and eat.”

Edgar Moreno– “Alone because you can’t get heartbroken.”



Greg Salazar– “The best way to spend Valentine’s Day is with your mom.”

Zavana Gonzalez– “A picnic date! Where you can paint and watch the sunset.”



Jeremiah Holliday– “In bed all cuddled up, blankets, loud music, and a closed door.”

Jada Smith- “The best way is to wait till the day after Valentine’s day to go to the store and get some discounted chocolates!”



Mrs. Tackett– “When you’ve been married for 20 years and you have two children the best way is spending an evening at home with a nice dinner ”

Mr. Johnson– “I think the best way to spend it is with all the people you love”