Varsity Boy’s Water Polo Makes a Splash

Varsity Junior Stuart Torres gets ready to throw the ball. Photo by Jacqueline Martinez

Jacqueline Martinez, Reporter

The varsity boy’s water polo team ended their season with a 17-2 loss against Exeter. Their record was five wins and thirteen losses this season. Without being able to go home and say they had won their last game, the team could still reflect back on their mistakes and become better. Even if they had not won their final game of the season, the coach still shows pride for his team for their improvement along the way. 

 “We seem to play at a much higher level every year,” noted Coach Case.

The last boys’ water polo game wasn’t a complete loss considering the fact that Senior Night was that night as well. Senior Night was a perfect night for parents to go out and see their sons and/or daughters play against their competitors. When asked how he felt about senior night, William Winter did not hesitate to speak his mind. 

“It was good, and I am excited to leave the program where it is at and with the other students returning next year,” answered Winter.

 In spite of the fact that the team had lost their last game, it didn’t mean they didn’t have any triumphs from their last few games. From hours of practice after school, the water polo team presented success through their Dinuba game. They had won by 13-9.

“It was very intense,” stated varsity junior Stuart Torres.

As the season is finally over for the boys’ water polo team, it also may mean it’ll be the last time the seniors play water polo in high school. With plenty of good chemistry between the boys, it’s going to be difficult for them to let go some of the seniors, such as their team captains. 

“They’re such a great team and we get along with one another,” William Winter expressed. 

Most of the boys emphasized how close they are with each other as a team and as friends. Through agility and cooperation, their hard work and companionship could be seen out in the pool as they play together as a team. 

The varsity boy’s water polo team’s season didn’t end as they expected, but the chemistry between all the players continues strong even with the fact that the seniors are leaving as well.