Moving On From Selma High


Nathaniel Marroquin, Reporter

I still remember coming to high school for the first time. I had no idea what it would be like and I wasn’t ready to enter an unfamiliar and scary place. In a blink of an eye, I’m now about to receive my diploma.
These four years have seemed long and challenging at times. I remember attending zoom class and resisting the urge to get on my phone or to procrastinate on my assignments but all of that no longer matters now.
It may be easy to say now, but I have no regrets over what’s happened these four years. Throughout my senior year, I reminded myself that this is my last year of high school and that while it wouldn’t last forever, it was important to have fun during it.
I am grateful to have come to this understanding for it has given me the chance to look upon my high school years blinded by any bias. These four years may not have been super eventful, with the exception of online school and having to wear masks for a period of time, but I can still appreciate them for being fun and creating memories to remember while forgetting all the calculus homework I needed to do.
From Biology with Mrs. McDougal and looking at leaf cells, Physics and Calculus with Mr. Mitchell, English with Mr. Castle and hearing his stories, and all the time I spent with my friends, I am grateful for the memories, but I am also ready to take another step and go to college. I don’t know what will happen but I’m ready to see for myself.