Saying Goodbye


Celeste Mariscal, Feature Editor/Copy Editor

As time comes to an end, a new journey begins in a couple of days. We have dreaded waking up early in the morning and starting the same routine everyday for the past 12 years. However, between the same seven hours of school, once the last bell rings is when my day begins. Throughout my years in high school I have taken the chance to learn and take opportunities I wouldn’t have expected myself to try.
I came into high school knowing I was going to have fun and create memories. I did not anticipate the stress and procrastination that would come with it. Being included with the school newspaper, soccer, band, and AVID is very fun, but academics still had to fit in the schedule. I won’t say that I wasn’t overwhelmed being active, however I don’t regret the memories and friendships that I have made by finding new things.
There are and will be limits that you can mentally and physically take in. Don’t push yourself to an extent of feeling burnt out. I have experienced more than one burn out at some point through my experience because of the high standard’s I put on myself. It’s okay to be in a vulnerable state and ask for a break. This spring semester was the first I have felt relief throughout my entire four year experience by removing band from my schedule. I was able to take the time to fully study for a test, sleep early for once, and be able to focus on one thing rather than being filled with worry about what’s next on the agenda. It’s always good to be involved for college applications however your own time is also needed without feeling like living at school.
The biggest cliché you’ll hear in high school is how time goes by fast. You may tend to underestimate it during your freshman year until it has hit senior year. Make the most out of it and have fun while you can before you come across big decisions. Yes, stay on track with your academics, but don’t overly stress and look back to your high school years stuck between the pages of books; find new things! Create memories through friendships, football games, and be in the moment rather than worrying about posting.