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Selma District Reopens Elementary Grade Classes
Selma District Reopens Elementary Grade Classes
Sakshi Palav, Co-News Editor • March 22, 2021

The Selma Unified District has been teaching online since late March 2020. However, because the Governing Board approved the district’s plan...

The Media You Consume
March 22, 2021
When Will My Life Begin
Diana Garza, Co-Sports Editor • March 21, 2021

The Disney Castle shone bright on the theatre’s screen. It was followed by the familiar melody that played at the beginning of every Disney movie. With...

Senior Column
An Advantage in Disguise: How Distance Learning Gave Me A Chance
Pamela Hernandez, Reporter • February 10, 2021

As a senior looking back to freshman year I regret a lot of things I wish I could change.  When growing up throughout high school it’s...

In the spirit of exploration, pictured are some of Chloe’s favorite outfits from the past year. 
(PC Chloe Mendoza)
Fashion Column
March Fashion: Skinny Jeans and Self-Love
Chloe Mendoza, Co-Editor in Chief • March 21, 2021

For two years of elementary school I distinctly remember wearing baggy jeans–not as a fashion statement or with any cool underlying reason...

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