Water Polo Team Higher Shooting for Further Goals


Clarice Flores, Reporter

The boys varsity water polo team has started off the season with hardworking boys who are  ready to work on better plays for upcoming games. The game is filled with splashes of water, pushing, and shoving, and consistent momentum. One has to be able to swim fast and to be able to push themselves hard to handle the game. The team has been working long hours right after school to keep winning games, to show the school their strong techniques. They believe that with their competitive edge that their progress will be shown in the pool. So far, their hard work has been paying off, with the outcome being shown at practices that have resulted well at games.

“I have improved my shot and my ability to watch what is going on around me during the game,” said senior William Winter. “So far my highest amount of points I’ve scored has been more than five at least so far in a game.”

The team has been enjoying playing aggressively throughout hours of practices and working on bettering the teams work ethic.

“We swim a lot of laps of warm ups and then we run our complex plays,” expressed senior Peyton Albritin. “I’ve improved my scoring techniques, thanks to my team and my influence from my teammates.”

Most boys on the team have years of seasons of experience in the water, so their ability to swim is full of energy and close to perfection. The team is working on upgrading their division by shooting to win playoffs then work their way to the valley championships. With their determination and striving attitude their hopes are high enough to get there.

“This year I’ve been working really hard to throw accurately and faster,” expressed senior Liam Case. “In my four years of experience, swimming has become a lot better along with my ball handling.”

With twenty boys on the team, the team is excited to share each other’s talents in the pool and make it count during games. They’re especially excited and full of enthusiasm to show their skills to the people sitting in the bleachers, the audience, the supporters. They want everyone to show how much effort it takes to swim fast, block, and to shoot all at the same time.

“I love these guys. They work hard and they show positive attitudes.” explained head Coach Jamie Case. “They truly are wonderful mix of experienced players and newcomers. We seem to play at a much higher level every year.”

The team is looking forward to more people coming to see them play and to work harder everyday to improve as water polo players.