Welcoming PE Teacher Sam Lopez


Jashan Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

Sam Lopez is a new member at Selma High. Before he transferred, he was a special education teacher, elementary PE teacher, and recently became apart of the Selma High staff to teach freshmen PE as well as the wrestling coach. 

Lopez has been apart of the Selma Unified School District since 2008. He has basically been teaching his whole life. He went from being an elementary teacher to moving up as a high school teacher.  

“Getting this position was like an upgrade,” said Lopez. 

His goal has always been to teach the youth. He teaches PE the whole day and then 6th period, he has the wrestlers. Lopez has been enjoying this because he likes to be around the kids and welcoming in freshmen into high school as their first year. 

“Some of them can get frustrating but I always have a great time with them,” said Lopez.  

Aside from being a PE teacher, Sam enjoys being a wrestling coach. Wrestling has always been apart of his life and wants to continue teaching others. 

“Not only do we wrestle at practice, but we talk about life decisions and how we can become better people,” said Sam Lopez.

One thing he likes about coaching is that he gets to build friendships with his wrestlers and he refers to them as kids. 

Sam Lopez wishes to have a great year with his classes and make the most of it. If you ever see him, make sure to say hello!