Welcome Back to School “Parents”


Mr. Jones begins his presentation to students and parents at Back to School Night.

Clarice Flores, Reporter

Back to School Night was held at Selma High on September 12th from 6-7:30 pm. Periods were arranged for all parents to follow, that way they have an equal share of time for each teacher. This is not only benefit the teachers to get to know their students parents on a personal level to talk about their children’s improvement and accomplishment in the class. 

Selma High teachers and staff enjoyed meeting parents and having humble discussions. They strongly believe the event was well hosted and organized accurately. 

“I thought the event was really nice and organized, for the students and parents,” simply said Ms. Loving the college counselor on campus. 

The event welcomed all parents to connect teachers together, to engage more in their child’s focus of their education, as well as understand, their child’s schedule of curriculum in the subject more thoroughly from the teacher’s perspective. 

“I liked having the opportunity to talk to parents on a one to one basis,” expressed Ms. Morgan. “As a criminal justice and public safety teacher, I explained precisely how important these subjects are and how their children should be aware of what goes on in the world other than math and English.”

The event was hosted by all teachers to inform their routines in class and the values the students will learn from high school after it is over onto their next chapter of their life. Teachers prepared parents as they walked in with proper greetings and presentations to engage them in by using social activities with slideshows.

“Having the opportunity to introduce myself formally means alot to me and I appreciate Selma High for having a special event like this to this be organized.” explained

 Mr. Fredericks. “They were emails to paper mail that was sent out to not only teachers as reminders but to parents.”

Even though Back to School Night is mainly hosted for parents, most students who have parents working on the clock have their eldest sibling to inform them by having them go to the meeting for them. Students like Gissele Perez, a senior who took it upon herself to meet teachers for her parents. 

“I had to work with what I had, when I came to my schedule and my siblings,” explained Perez. “I didn’t like that I struggled to make it to each one, but it was worth knowing how my sibling is doing throughout class.”

The event also had food and drinks for those who were hungry and couldn’t make a late dinner and those who just wanted a great snack. Parents and teachers enjoyed getting to know each other and are excited for the next even to come next year.