Ms. Fátima Anguiano: Class of 2023 Learning Director


Katarina Quintana, Editorial Editor/Webmaster

Although not a stranger to Selma High School, Ms. Fátima Anguiano has become the new Learning Director for the class of 2023. She has worked at Selma High for the past three years as an academic counselor for Fresno County with the Migrant Education program.

Ms. Anguiano is originally from Visalia and graduated from Golden West High School. She attended California State University, Fresno, and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and a Master’s in Counseling with an emphasis in higher education.

Ms. Anguiano enjoys working out, running, and decorating. Spending time with family is a must and she also likes exploring new places to eat.

“I love, love Christmas,” said Anguiano. “It’s my favorite time of the year. I watch ‘ELF’ almost everyday during Christmas time.” 

Ms. Anguiano has always had a passion to work in the academic area with primarily high school students. In her previous position, she worked highly with juniors and seniors. This new position gives Anguiano the best of both worlds, as she will be working with incoming freshmen and guiding them through their high school career.

Anguiano’s main goal for her students is to help them find their passion and to help them successfully graduate from SHS. She is looking forward to hearing what drives each student and is ready to help them achieve their goals.

Ms. Anguiano has been challenged with communicating the different high school environments and expectations to her students and that their behavior contributes greatly to their academic success. Students have been receptive of her corrections and she looks forward to building strong connections with all of her students.

Anguiano’s hiring occurred a little bit late and she shared some of the challenges that accompanied that.

“Adapting to everything that had already started and the learning process has been a challenge,” said Anguiano. 

All of the learning directors work very closely with each other on a daily basis and her previous collaborations with them have made that part of the transition very easy. 

Anguiano describes the SHS environment as welcoming and helpful.

“I always felt very comfortable on this campus and felt a sense of belonging here,” expressed Anguiano. “I hope to continue growing, learning, and supporting everybody the best that I can.”

All she does will be in the students’ best interest, she says.

“I look forward to getting to know and work with every single one of you!” explained Anguiano to her students. “We are a team for the next four years…the journey will not always be easy, but it will be worth it at the end!”