Newest Addition To The Admin Team, Ms. Richardson


Brandi Aguilera, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Selma High welcomed Ms. Richardson as the new Assistant Principal at the beginning of this 2019-2020 school year. Serving SHS for 12 years now, Ms. Richardson has always been a dynamic service to the school, as she is dedicated to being a helping hand to the students of Selma High School. 

Her giving heart and her availability to students are two of her most notable aspects. She started off as a Special Education teacher, later moved on to become a learning director, and is now the assistant principal. 

“Becoming assistant principal is another chance for me to interact with even larger number of students and help them in any way I can,” mentioned Richardson.

It is evident that she always put the students first. She appreciates the fact that her job allows her to be available to an even bigger group of kids – from classroom setting, to an entire class, to the whole school site. 

This is not her first administration position, but Ms. Richardson explained that there is a learning curve to it. Besides students, she now supervises office staff and aides, which is a little different from her previous position as learning director. For example, putting together the master schedule can be a huge undertaking. Having good, strong, problem-solving skills is effective for a job like this.

Other than the amazing air conditioning in her new office, Ms Richardson loves the interactions that come with the new position as assistant principal. 

“I try to be of service to everyone and do the right thing by everyone when interacting with the students and staff of Selma High,” expressed Richardson. “Selma High is one team, and my goal is to help it get better and better.”

Outside of school, Ms Richardson loves reading and cooking. Tending to her kids and her three cats Fatty, Smedley, and Wolf, is also something she enjoys doing on free time. 

Using her resourceful, optimistic, and passionate attributes, Ms. Richardson strives to be a great asset to Selma High’s administration. Her goal is to continue to lead Selma High to success.