Sometimes She Smiles


She once felt lost, adrift in a sea of people,
Trying to fit in, but always feeling feeble,
She longed for acceptance, for a place to belong,
But the harder she tried, the more she felt wrong.

But something shifted, something within,
She realized that to thrive, she must begin,
To cherish her identity, to embrace her true self,
And find comfort in her own company, and no one else.

She started to see the beauty in her differences,
To celebrate her quirks and unique experiences,
She found joy in her own passions and pursuits,
And in her own company, she found a sense of roots.

No longer did she feel the need to conform,
To fit into someone else’s norm,
For she had learned that true happiness lies,
In being true to oneself and embracing one’s own ties.

She found freedom in her solitude,
And learned to cherish the moments of solitude,
For in those moments, she discovered,
A sense of peace, like she had uncovered.

Now, she thrives in her own company,
And finds joy in her own company,
For she knows that to truly live and be free,
She must embrace herself, wholeheartedly.