Need a Haircut? Kobes Here To Help


Kobe Vargas showcasing his skills.

Nico Colado, Reporter

Kobe Vargas, a junior at Selma High, is a determined and skilled barber. With experience of over three years, adversity and perseverance have allowed Kobe to successfully run his shop, while accomplishing his entrepreneurial goals.
Whether a high top fade or low taper, Kobe offers several different hairstyles and designs. Each haircut costs $25, but the excellent customer service and overall enjoyment come for free. Kobe consistently cuts hair every week and showcases his work on social media.
Kobe’s goal of improving and perfecting every haircut is something that motivates him everyday. Hardship is bound to happen, but Kobe enjoys fighting through it and becoming a better overall barber.
A well known skill Kobe performs are his freestyle designs. In addition to the haircut, Kobe executes different designs wherever the client desires. This can be on the side of the head, back, or top. Ranging from small to large, his designs bring a whole other level of uniqueness and novelty.
If you’re looking to support, or get a fresh haircut, follow @kobethe8arber on Instagram and send a message for your needs.