A Flavor of Our Own

Celeste Mariscal and Lovleen Sahota

This Ice- Cream Deserves a Gold Medal Ribbon
Celeste Mariscal

This time around for the Baskin Robbins review, Lovleen and I decided to switch it up a bit by recommending each other one of our top ice cream flavors. She introduced me to the Gold Medal Ribbon, which has a mixture of the original ice cream mixture of vanilla and chocolate. However, to add into that gold was a swirl of the caramel ribbon. I can say though through the different sweet flavors we have tried this year, I did enjoy this one. It had the perfect blend and combination of it all. It wasn’t too much at the end with the caramel. It did, in fact, have a remembrance of the caramel drumstick ice cream. I would rate 8/10.

Is Wild n Reckless truly Wild and Reckless?
Lovleen Sahota

For this month’s review, Celeste recommended her favorite ice cream flavor at Baskin Robbins, Wild n Reckless!! The first spoonful of this flavor was exhilarating, with a soft taste and the perfect blend of sweet and sour. Initially, it may look like cotton candy, but I can confirm it doesn’t taste like it. Quite truly an explosion of flavors from green apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch!! DEFINITELY A WILD N RECKLESS TASTE! The texture is definitely more of a sorbet than of a soft-serve. It was a bit too sour for me but, nonetheless, it was definitely delicious!! I would give it an 8.5/10!!!