February’s Flavor of the Month: Love Potion

Looking for love? Don’t try the love potion!


Celeste Mariscal

Celeste Mariscal and Lovleen Sahota

Celeste Mariscal

With the cold season, Baskin Robbins decided to warm up the air with a bit of love for the month of February. I was definitely impressed by the appearance of the raspberry swirls and the dark chocolate hearts. Like any potion, I was tricked with the overwhelming taste of everything in the scoop. At first it did have a nice flavor of strawberry cheesecake, however as you kept going the raspberry swirls became too overpowering. The major downfall of it all would have to be the raspberry itself with the addition of the chocolate hearts! It did not mix well together, all the swirls were just too swirly. I would rate it a 5/10.

Lovleen Sahota

Don’t let the red raspberry swirls and pretty milk-chocolate hearts get you! This month’s flavor of the month, Love Potion wasn’t exactly all that. The love potion was mixed with white chocolate and raspberry flavoring, finished off with raspberry swirls, chocolate flavor chips and raspberry-filled chocolate flavored hearts. Don’t get me wrong, the ice cream started off strong with a beautiful cheesecake-like taste, but the next spoonful was immensely sweet and tasted purely of artificial dyed. Overall, the presentation was solid but the taste was the exact opposite of a love potion. I rate it a 6/10.