Ask Klarissa

Klarissa, Reporter

1. What’s the best and worst pie flavor?

The best pie flavor would arguably be apple. Like, even the one from McDonald’s is good. MCDONALD’S! That’s how you know you can never go wrong with it. Worst would probably be pumpkin. Argue with a wall. It’s just not it.

2. What’s a big red flag?

When they keep talking about the World Cup but don’t do their chores. They’re worrying about the wrong Messi.

3. Would you rather spawn two red chickens who yell your name at 3pm everyday (and you have to yell “caw caw” 4 times for them to leave) or be teleported 20 feet back every 30 minutes?

Both of these are such funny concepts. I think I would rather have the chickens though. Being teleported back is so scary. Imagine you’re about to finish your mile and you get teleported to the baseball field…

4. Would you rather have 3 toes on your head or 5 fingers on your stomach?

Five fingers?? That’s a whole hand on your stomach. Anything but that. With the three toes I could just wear a hat and call it a day.

5. What’s an issue that you’re passionate about?

The political and economic state of the world. It’s a big issue and no one talks about it.