“Selma Football Rising Up Through and Through”


Aneka Zamora, Reporter

With Selma High’s football season now officially over, the team reflects on their experience.Their last game of the season was against rivals Kingsburg Vikings, on October 28th, and many students from Selma High went out to support the team.
“Selma is an awesome town that shows up for football games to support their town and team,” said Coach Francis.
Throughout this season, Coach Francis admired the amount of support the team had gotten from Selma High School. For Coach Francis, coaching has always been enjoyable. One of the most important things he believes in about coaching are the relationships between the coach and team. Coach Francis is new to Selma, with this season being his first year as head coach he felt having a strong bond with each and every player could help create an amazing atmosphere.
“I coach my players hard but I really enjoy coaching and being around the game of football,” stated Coach Francis.
Throughout any season there will always be challenges. One of the major challenges the team faced this year was not being able to have as much conditioning as wanted. When you’re not able to prepare for something you aren’t always able to get the outcome you want.
“We have good tough players at Selma but we haven’t hit the weight room hard since before Covid,” explained Coach Francis.
Overcoming challenges that you aren’t able to control can be frustrating at times, however Selma’s team was able to adjust and work around this obstacle in their road. They stayed consistent with conditions as much as possible and never stopped trying in practices.
Senior Josh Montoya has been playing football for three years now and has also reflected on this past season.
“The biggest take away from this season was seeing the younger kids learn how to play together and less as individuals,” stated Montoya.
Playing a sport that is involved with team work always has its hardships. However, as Montoya has stated Selma’s players had improved on uniting as one. When the school won their homecoming game against CVC High School, this was one of Montoya’s best memories throughout the whole season. The football team had a challenging season, but winning that game meant that all their hard work and keeping their determination was all worth it.
“Also overtime on the last play of the game in the 4th inning was one of my best memories,” stated Montoya.
Winning the games wasn’t always the highlight for the players, it was pushing themselves and their teammates to perform as well as they could. Going into overtime in their last inning, they knew that they were all going to come together to play their hardest no matter the outcome.
With the season being finished for Selma High’s Football team, their dedication, perseverance, and commitment to the team was shown and visible throughout their season.