Dark Lane Demo Tapes: A Mixture of Love, Joy and Disappointment


Nico Colado, Reporter

Different occasions require different types of songs. When gathered with friends, upbeat and fun songs might be the preferable choice. When alone at night, slower and more sensual music tends to be in favor. Out of all musical artists, there aren’t many who provide songs for all types of situations. However, Drake is an exception.
Originally released on May 1, 2020, “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” is Drake’s tenth studio album since his debut “So Far Gone.” With a total of 14 songs and musical features from popular artists such as Future, Chris Brown, and Young Thug, Drake has created another masterpiece that targets all of his audiences.
Firstly, and most importantly, “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” isn’t your average hip hop album. The diversity in mood and purpose are what differentiate this album from your typical rappers. In “Not You Too” featuring Chris Brown, a mixture of soothing vocals and relaxed beats create a euphonious work of art.
Feelings of love and disappointment are the building blocks in Drake’s purpose behind his lyrics.
“Thought I knew the real, then they flipped. How many times did I ask about this, on God?”
To his dismay, things didn’t work out. Relationships aren’t perfect and Drake acknowledges this. Although being a dejected topic, Drake still creates such a beautiful and pleasing song that makes you forget you’re supposed to feel down, which is amazing.
Undoubtedly, “Time Flies” is the best song on the album. Not because of its unique beat, soft vocals, or meaningful lyrics, actually it is all of these factors. The song has so many great qualities that make it impossible to dislike. With catchy lines like “I’m outside in an AMG, yeah,” or “Right outside, TT,” Drake provides lyrics that’ll be stuck in your head all day long.
Differing from soothing songs, “War” and “D4L” provide the uplifting and hype music for Drake’s fans. Not everyone listens to Drake to cry or passionately scream his lyrics in their car, even though it’s the best. Drake understands his diverseful crowd and makes sure to provide music for all fans. With features from Future and Fivio Foreign, these songs build a hype mood that is easy to jam out to.
Whether you’re singing your heart out, or simply dancing with your friends, “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” is a wonderful album that continues to get better as time goes. Every fan can enjoy a part of this work, and that is what makes it so special.
Review 9/10.