Softball: No Place Like Home


The softball team poses for a photo.

Denise Venegas , Reporter/Photo Editor

Selma High’s softball team starts off the season with a homerun to victory. With a score of 10-4 against Dinuba, the team celebrates in response to their challenging season. Seven-year softball coach Christopher Tapia elaborates on the obstacles that restricted a fresh start.

“We did not start off the season as we hoped,” mentions Tapia. “We are overcoming the slow start by sticking together as a team.” Though the team did not commence the season with a strong kick, they remained victorious against Dinuba.

The girls are passionate about the season, especially since it is the last for many. Their persistence with the sport contributes  to their hard work when it comes to practices on the field. Dedication to the game pays off when they are rewarded with triumphant achievements.

“Being named team captain my junior year is something I’m proud of, especially because I really love the team and representing Selma’s softball team,” exclaims senior Marytza Morales. The team struggled with practices after school due to the condition of their field, as well as not having lights to illuminate it. However, the girls continue to push on through the season.

“Softball is a game of failure, meaning that you have to be mentally tough through the ups and downs of the game,” states sophomore Khamare Dement. “I just trust the process and work everyday to better myself as a player and a leader.” The season is especially important to the seniors who will represent the team through graduation.

“As the season progresses, I look forward to making more memories with my teammates as this will be the last time we will all be playing together,” includes senior Hannah Garcia. Though it may be the last season for a few, the girls proceed to make the best of the time they share together.

“Our main goal this season is to return to the Valley Championship and win it,” declares Coach Tapia. Though the team started the season with a slow advancement, their main motive is to push through with daily practices after school. Their eyes are on the prize at the Valley Championships and these girls are showing diligence on the field.