Boys’ Tennis Serves Off A New Season


Jacqueline Martinez

Junior Diego Macias warms up before a match.

Jacqueline Martinez, Reporter

Selma High boys tennis started their season off in February. Their most recent match took place on February 24th against Sierra Pacific, bringing in a loss of 9-0.  Regardless of not winning their latest game, the whole team is still fired up about this season, including Coach David. 

“I hope that we can have a winning record this year,” Coach David shared. “So that shows the hard work they’ve put in.” 

For a couple of the team members, 2022 happens to be their last year here at Selma High, and they look forward to making the most of it all. Senior Owen Wenter, having been playing ever since he was a freshman, wishes to finish his final season in tennis content and with as many wins possible .

“I am excited to hopefully finish my last year as strong as possible,” Wenter expressed.

Tennis is a very calculated sport that requires agility and patience in order to get better along the way. For the boys tennis team, they practice multiple times a week and are actively involved as much as possible in the sport in order to get better. 

“What I like about tennis is that it seems like the easiest sport to play as it doesn’t look hard at all,” comments Wenter. “But once you’re on the court, it’s a totally different story.” 

It’s clear that tennis is more than what many people think with their sheer, simplistic expectations of the sport. Movements have to be precise and with many beginners on the team this year, it could pose an obstacle to overcome for this year’s boys tennis team.

“Restarting everyone in the routine can be hard,” Coach David cleared up. 

Although the amount of practice that must be put in to successfully improve is big for the newcomers, they have the other returnees to be able to rely on for help and advice. 

“Some advice I would give is to be patient with the sport and yourself,” commented senior Sameer Desai. “Day by day you will get better with practice. It’s a hard sport to master so just be yourself and have fun.”

The returnees have come back with a lot more experience and are paving the path for their newer teammates. The newcomers aren’t the only ones who have to face difficulties on the team. Returnees have come back with a higher level of experience, amping up the difficulty for them when facing their opponents.

“Sometimes, I have really easy matches, and sometimes I have really hard ones,” confessed Wenter. 

The boys tennis team has a long way to go till the end of the season, and they just hope to get better and have fun along the months to come.