N.B. Customz “Breaks Necks” with Custom Sneakers


Austin Aranda

A picture or Austin’s Kobe Inspired Air Force Ones.

Jorge Guzman, Reporter/Photo Editor

Sneaker culture is something that has been ingrained in almost all parts of the world, and here at Selma High it is no different.  In every class you enter or hall you walk, you’re almost guaranteed to see at least one pair of Air Force One’s or retro Jordans. Sneakers have become integral to high school culture and for many a passion.

For senior Austin Aranda, his love for the shoes and popular sneaker culture has led him to the creation of N.B. Customz, as a creative outlet and growing business.

“I started customizing shoes during quarantine and I just knew I wanted to continue and make something out of it,” says Austin.

What started out as a fun hobby quickly grew into an opportunity to expand. Since the creation of N.B. Customz about a year ago Austin has had “pop ups” which are events where he showcases his creations to potential customers and where they can request custom shoes.

“I look forward to more pop ups in the future,” commented Aranda.

While sneaker customization may sound like an easy task Austin would argue otherwise. 

“I spend at least three to four days customizing a pair of shoes, but it depends on the design the customer wants,” stated Austin.

Austin’s shoe customization catalog ranges from custom Kobe Bryant themed AirForce Ones—which happen to be his favorite piece—to cartoon themed Old Skool Vans. His range, creativity, and talent truly really showcase the passion he has for the art.

“I consider sneaker culture and customization to be a passion of mine because it is something I love,” he expresses. Like many entrepreneurs Austin would like his business to be a household name and hold a significant place in the sneaker world.

 “I would like to see my business known by everybody some day,” exclaims Aranda.

When asked the meaning of the name N.B. Cuztomz Austin replied, “The meaning behind the name is “Neck Breaking” Customs—my shoes turn heads when people see them in public.” 

Austin’s eye-catching and head turning shoes began from the simple passion of having unique sneakers, but quickly evolved into something more.

This inspirational young entrepreneur was able to find something he truly loves and enjoys and mold it into something profitable. If any one is interested in getting  one of these sneakers or wants to see some quality art, reach out to Austin at “@n.b_customz” on Instagram.