Building a Business With Cbass Haircuts


Contributed by Sebastian Quiroz

Quiroz’s personal favorite haircut he’s done February, 2022.

Sakshi Palav, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor/Co-Sport's Editor

During the start of the pandemic, Sebastian Quiroz found himself bored out of his mind. There was so much time to waste, but nothing to waste it on. So, searching for a hobby to kill some time away at home, Quiroz started cutting his friends’ hair, but as he began to get more and more clientele and buzz (no pun intended), he decided to start his own barber business. 

The hobby initially began an interest as he would spend time watching influential barbers post their haircut videos online. He immediately decided this was something he would be interested in pursuing. 

In speaking with friends, Quiroz realized that many of his friends were not able to go to barber shops because of the pandemic lockdown and were actively searching for a barber willing to cut their hair. This set off a light bulb for Quiroz. Not only would he be able to jumpstart his business, but he would be able to practice his skills on his friends.

“Practicing and getting better as a self-taught individual helped me engage in wanting to cut hair further,” Qurioz commented. 

He soon was able to perfect his skills and earn a favorable reputation for his barber business. As of today, Quiroz has maintained his business for two years and has given a total of 250 haircuts and counting. For him, the business is not about the money but about the connections he makes through them.

“[What] I liked most about my business is interacting with people and being able to meet others,” Quiroz exclaimed. He genuinely enjoys what he does and hopes to impress his clients to the fullest. For him, he explained, he finds satisfaction knowing that a simple haircut can result in customers happy with their outcome. 

Even with the booming business and feedback, Quiroz still faces a handful of challenges with his business. 

“With this business, if I’m not extremely precise or pay close attention, I can mess up someone’s hair,” he explained. Cutting hair is a job that requires precision and attention to detail. Being a barber, Quiroz always has to be attentive and ready to focus. 

He has also had hiccups with clientele. Some clients cancel and book with new barbers that have also started their business in Selma. However, Quiroz makes a point to not let it affect his morale.

Overall, Qurioz has found comfort in this hobby turned business. 

“I hope to be able to open up my own barber shop in a couple of years, so starting this job early helped me gain the confidence to do it,” Qurioz stated. This start-up business is only the beginning of Quiroz’s entrepreneur expeditions. 

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