More than Movement


Contributed by Victoria Quintana

Victoria Quintana dances the Spanish Variation in The Dancing School’s Nutty Nutcracker Ballet.

Victoria Quintana, Kaleidoscope Editor

Dance has been a part of practically my entire life. I started dancing when I was three and fell in love with it because it gave me a sense of freedom and joy. 

As one who is more of an introvert, it has helped me open up and find something that I am truly passionate about. When I dance, I can forget about everything. If I had a bad day, if I’m overwhelmed with homework, or stressed about what’s next in life (ahem, college. Seniors you get it), I can just forget it all and focus on the music, the movement, and the dance. I can let go of the need to feel perfect because in dance, perfection is never achieved. There is always something to make better or improve which makes it an endless art to explore.

Let me put you into my shoes when I say that dance is an escape from everyday life. Visualize yourself standing in an empty room. Now imagine yourself surrounded with the music of not just any song, but one that draws deep emotion and feeling out of you. Picture yourself putting movement to those feelings and not caring about what it looks like while still being aware of what your body is doing. An arm can lead you forward, a quick turn around yourself, a change of focus, a breath. Dance can express anything you want it to, happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, or even a story. It really is a language if you think about it. It can communicate feelings, a message, a story, or explore an idea or problem which is exactly what language does. Instead of putting words to our thoughts dancers use movement instead. 

I believe that dance is my God-given gift that I can use to praise him with. Not only that, but I can also use it to spread a message of love, hope, and joy to others whenever I perform. Dance is something that unites people together, helps others disconnect from their own stress, and puts light and color into the world.  It is a way for me to express the feelings that I can’t with words and gives me an inner satisfaction knowing that my hard work can not only make me happy, but also spread joy to others and inspire them. 

When dance went virtual during the pandemic, it morphed into a whole new meaning to me. It helped me realize that dance is more than just the “experience.” With the studio, the loud music, and my dance friends gone, and it just being me in my living room with the rest of the class on Zoom from my computer screen, I had to learn that there was so much more to dance than the physical. It became a more personal part of me that I am able to tap into whenever I feel down or stressed and keeps me sane when life gets a little crazy. It is a blessing that keeps me inspired and I will cherish what it has taught me for the rest of my life.