The World At Our Fingertips


Art by Aimy Zarate

Jorge Guzman, Reporter/Photo Editor

In a time of uncertainty where fresh air and new faces were a rare commodity many people including myself found refuge in the hundreds of places they can visit from home. Being stranded with nothing to do besides mind-numbing zoom calls and what seemed like endless scrolling on my phone led to the discovery—or rather appreciation—of the internet.

Before the pandemic, getting home from school and being able to turn on the gaming console or opening my laptop was a form of entertainment and nothing more. It was a distraction from my school work and a reward for my efforts.

However once the infamous quarantine came around I found myself spending more time on the internet. While this may not sound like a useful or productive way of spending my time, it truly helped me get through the mess of  2020. 

The internet rapidly became more than just a distraction from the stresses of the world. It was through this global network made up of 1’s and 0’s where I  would meet some of my greatest friends. 

My fondest memories of that year were made over a screen.  Countless jokes and serious conversations were had, pulling me closer to these people that lived over a thousand miles away. Ironically, they were the closest people to me and I will be forever grateful for that. When the reality of the situation seemed grim, and a gripping sense of loneliness crept down my spine, genuine company was a push and a click away. 

Like many others, I created and legitimized friendships online

Being locked up from the outside world as a social creature felt like being stuck at the bottom of a pit, and the internet was my safety rope. 

Now, the days of social distancing and canceling all social gatherings are behind us, but the people I met along the way remain by my side. While Covid did practically rule a whole year and greatly limited everyone’s possibilities, there is always a bright side. I,  along with many others, trudged through a tedious—and what seemed like a never ending—nightmare by connecting with others across our screens.