Girls Soccer Kicking To A Promising Season


Contributed by Celeste Mariscal

Selma High girls varsity soccer team after a 0-8 win against Immanuel on December 4th.

Sakshi Palav, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor/Co-Sport's Editor

With a new season on the rise, the Selma High girls’ soccer team has started off solid with their first two games. They beat Reedley 3-1 and tied with Hanford 3-3. 

With this strong start, the girls continue to persevere in building their team relationship. The team has a surge of new players. Building a friendship foundation means better plays and chemistry between the players on the field.

“We have a strong team bond,” explained senior Mya Rosas, who is the team captain. “We work so well as a team, and I hope we can keep it up the rest of the season.” 

Even with the struggle of having chemistry on the field, Coach Zamora, who has been coaching as head coach for Selma since 2018, believes the girls are a strong and solid team. 

“So far these girls have shown great work ethic, skill, confidence and they are bonding well unlike past seasons,” Zamora stated.  

With this in mind, the girls also work on their techniques to keep their winning streak going. 

“We still have a long way to go,” states senior Brieana Medina, who plays midfield and forward positions. “There is always room for improvement.” 

The team practices daily, and at hours at a time in order to build their stamina and efficiency. This also allows them to become  used to each other on the field. 

“Our goal every year is to develop girls and get them an opportunity to play at the next level,” explained Zamora. “Obviously winning the league and making a run in the playoffs is always one of our goals as well.” Zamora puts main focus and effort towards improving the girls individual talents and team efforts. 

With COVID-19 and constant threats of outbreaks, the team makes sure to be extra careful in order to be able to have a full and fair season. 

Overall, the Selma High girls soccer team looks forward to getting to improve and come together as a team.