Tracks’ Final Stretch

Diana Garza, Co-Editor in Chief/Webmaster/Co-Sports Editor

The 2021 Selma High track season took off on April 21, and is wrapping up on May 26. Their last regular meet will be at Selma High, the team’s first event in the new stadium. Their season has been a busy and successful one. 

Due to COVID, the team has had to face many challenges. The most prominent one being a lack of members. Because multiple sports are taking place around the same time, it’s difficult for athletes to maneuver around busy schedules. 

“This year has been difficult because of the low number of athletes and lack of available meets to go to,” explains Coach Reyes. 

Since Track is an individual sport—each athlete participating in their own events independently—it’s important for them to go to multiple meets each year. This way, they can study how they compare to other schools. Having multiple members also increases the team’s scores. The more participants they have in different events, the stronger their chance of victory. 

Despite these obstacles, Selma High’s Track team has continued toward prosperity. 

“My most recent meet was the CSL Relays at Central Valley Christian High School,” says junior Octavio Gonzalez, “Selma did great, coming in first with the highest score.” 

Gonzalez has been a part of the team for three  years now, and even in his spare time continues to work on his pace and stamina. Both of which are vital in track, a sport about steady resilience. You’re not going to run a two  minute mile overnight.

“Track has taught me how I can push myself each time I race,” comments Mya Rosas, a junior on the team. “It challenges me because I know it will take me a while to be the best me.” 

Humans tend to vie towards perfection despite realistic barriers. Track has taught it’s contenders that time and effort are keys to greatness. That, will alone, will not bear good fruit. 

The athletes are not alone in their endeavours. Although track is an individual sport, students feed off each other’s energy and have great teammates to lean on. 

“The team shows strength in pushing each other, even with small numbers at practice. They get out what they put in,” says Coach Reyes. 

The athletes are constantly trying to improve their PR’s or personal records. It’s up to them to determine whether or not they see results. Track is much more than running and jumping, but an entire universe of mental strength and pushing your body beyond its barriers. It is when going past the brink that you can seize brilliance.