Boys Baseball Hits Off the Season

Pamela Hernandez, Reporter

As the year comes to an end, baseball season has just come back up and is now running. The Selma High School baseball team has kept their heads high and proud with the idea if there would be a baseball season after all. The baseball boys are currently 4- 4 along with their biggest opponents being Immanuel and Kingsburg.

“Even though there are good and strong teams out there, I feel like if we play our brand of baseball we can hang around with the best of the best,” explained Chris Esparza, a two-year varsity player who plays third base.


Now that baseball has been in session many of the players have been more than excited to finally play for what they love although the obstacles around them. Also to keep in mind, this year is more than important to those seniors playing one last time with their teammates. 

Senior Luke Tellez is a two-year varsity player as well as playing second base. Tellez has been playing for a while now, but is more than excited to see what comes next.

“This season I’m most excited to have one more ride with my teammates and our overall goal is to winout,” states Tellez.

Esparza, being a senior, also has several goals in mind for his last baseball season of his high school career.

“What I’m most excited for this year is getting back on the field and playing with teammates after last year got canceled. My overall goal this year is to win League and help bring back a valley championship,” states Esparza.

Although there are many obstacles there is always a way to overcome them. 

“The weaknesses of this year’s team is experience. Many of us haven’t really played at varsity level and so as the season goes along those games we play will help us learn and get better. The strengths of the team would be our chemistry we have built. Many of us have played together growing up so playing with people you know it can help when you are facing varsity,” explained Esparza.

“As a team I think our strengths are working together and encouraging each other,” added Tellez.  

Through all the challenges being faced with this year’s circumstances, the Selma High School boys baseball continues to keep their heads up and push through any barriers.