Homecoming: Welcome Home Students

Dashrit Pandher, Photo Editor

With the COVID-19 cases going down and vaccinations,Selma High School is now able to celebrate homecoming and welcome students back home with in-person classes. In order to celebrate one of the first events with students back on campus, homecoming was organized with a week of dress up days, the annual homecoming football game, along with class floats, class canvases, and the homecoming royalty competition.

As on campus classes are only Tuesday through Friday, there were only four dress up days. On Tuesday it was tourist day, where students came on campus dressed up like a tourist. Wednesday was artist day, meaning students came dressed as their favorite musician. On Thursday it was pajama day, and Friday was spirit wear in support of the football game. 

“I had a lot of fun dressing up, and I dressed up as my favorite musician,” commented senior Chloe Mendoza. “It was really fun to see other students’ creativity.” 

On Friday, when students wore spirit wear to the football game, and cheered on the Selma Bears in their match against Dinuba. The Bears won in an overwhelmingly 50 to 7. 

Selma High School students were excited to see a game in the school’s new stadium, and to also see a win in the stadium.

“It was so cool seeing Selma going against a team that we were told was really good, and then to see our Selma Bears destroy them was so exciting,” said James Jensen.

Despite the crazy year, the tradition of class floats and royalty was still held. Each class created their own float. The sophomore float, which was created by the sophomore class who modeled it after the Joker, the notorious Batman villan, won the competition. Sadly the freshmen, junior, and senior floats were not presented at the game, as only the winner was. 

While homecoming floats were unaffected by the unique circumstances, homecoming royalty was greatly influenced. Rather than having events throughout the week where the candidates competed against each other and performed in front of the school, they instead made a lip sync video which was emailed to the school staff and students. 

The songs performed in the lip sync battle were: Anyway You Want It by Journey, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, Fergalicious by Fergie, Jump by Kriss Kross, One Dance by Drake, Desires by Drake, and Started at the Bottom by Drake.

The performers were Daniel Acosta and Lucy Freeman, Julianna Colado and Todd Weaver, and Jasmine Plaza and Oswaldo Landin. They were all of the senior couples running for Homecoming King and Queen. Luis Saldana and Abigail Teala, won freshmen prince and princess. Jayden Edwards and Magali Perez were sophomore prince and princess, and Josh Salazar and Denise Venegas were junior prince and princess. 

The school voted for homecoming King and Queen through a Google Form that was also emailed, and a King and Queen were crowned. Julianna Colado and Todd Weaver were crowned. 

Homecoming, while different from previous years, was no less exciting, and as on campus teach continues the school hopes to celebrate more events.